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1st Camp from January the 7th until 14th 2023

2nd Camp from January the 14th until 21st 2023

The infamous chicama wave was first surfed in 1966, and since has

been deemed the longest left in the world...waves peel along the

dramatic desert coastline for 2.5 miles offering up to 2-4 minute

rides! This left point break with a sandy bottom can be enjoyed by

both long boarders, SUPers, and short boarders of beginner to

advanced experience alike. With 5 main sections of the wave you can find well-shaped, racing, and even barrel sections (when the wave is over 2m/6ft). Every day you will get the opportunity for 2 zodiac surf sessions with a surf guide to help you catch the longest waves of your life.

Yoga practice, with obvious merits and benefits of its own, has been

since long known to provide the perfect balance for body and mind

when surfing. Weather you are interested in deepening your yoga

practice or you are simply looking for a restorative yoga class to

restore your limbs, you'll find it in our packs which include 2 daily

yoga sessions for all levels.

Chicama Boutique Hotel is set just in front of this magic left wave, infinitely long, pure beauty. 

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