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Back to centre

One of the things we remind ourselves of, over and over as yoga practitioners is the need to be centered: not self-centerd, but to remain sitting in ourselves, without being pulled out of our center by external forces.

As human beings we constantly interact with other human beings, individuals or groups, and the energy of those around us (physically or virtually) can easily affect our mood, our state of mind and even our health.

Falling in love is a clear example of this situation: being pulled out of centre. Becoming so sensitive to your beloved’s words or silences and actions or spaces. Feeling totally or partially out of body. Talking to my mother the other day she said in her wise way, that falling in love and having your heart broken where both equally exhausting. The thrill comes always with a price!

This sensation of not being quite happy in your body, of feeling exhausted, is a clear indicator that you are being pulled out of your center, which is draining your energy.

The great news are that, once you are aware of it, you can set up your yoga mat and get ready for your practice, because each and every one of the yoga techniques will send you back to center, focus and alignement.

Yoga will bring you back to the body here and now and your energy will be replenished so you can relate with the others (also your beloved) being at your best, present and aware.

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