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Bowing to Mother Earth

May I have the strengh to follow my spiritual path, a path with heart.

May I see in every difficulty in life an oportunity for evolution and understanding

May I always have a partner and close friends to show me my weaknesses and strenghts

May I be blessed with many suns and oceans

May I be one with the nature and remember oneness one more time

May mother earth be the soil where my awakening seed will sprout

I bow to the body that allows me to feel fully the immensity and awesomeness of the here and now

I bow to the mind that challenges me all the time

I bow to the spirit that keeps me on the path, a path with heart

I bow the divine consciousness that gives me and to all, the breath of live

Few days ago life provided one of these amazing synchronicities when we attended a jewish sing-along sabath gathering at Icons a shop in Mendocino, inspiring the verses above. It was only 6 of us, including the musician and an old wise man who would put the words of the chants we were singing in context, helping us to understand the deep meaning of them, the message in them. All of what was said resonated in us, we shared the notion of the divine within, the oneness... Cause there are so many paths to the realization of WHAT IT IS.

One of the chants, Eli,Eli was still in my head the next morning, because it sings to mother earth, the bliss of nature and the bliss to be born in a world with beautiful nature. And nautre seems to be in my path now, bringing yoga and spiritual practice back to nature where the spirit rejoices and the heart opens up. For so many days I've been travelling, going to sleep and getting up with my eyes, senses, and soul filled with oceans. The ocean has become my anchor, that keeps me present and gratefully alive.

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